September 10th, 2018


With surf season on the horizon, larger waves are calling. They’re calling for critical timing and positioning, angled take offs, steeper drop-ins. There can definitely be a lot to think about within the split of a second while SUP Surfing. This is where we see the value in a slow-mo recap.

What are the benefits of video feedback?

For the Athlete:

  • Self reflection
  • Improvement with timing & positioning in the wave
  • In addition to the verbal feedback in a traditional surf lesson, video analysis is a visual learning tool
  • Research shows that most people are visual learners
  • Pause/Replay/Review
  • Identify areas of improvement
  • Harness your strengths & personal style
For the Coach:
  • Provide feedback after the surf in an environment with less stimulus
  • Build a library of video examples to share with other athletes
  • An additional tool for helping you up your SUP SURFING game

T’ashii is running a week of video feedback courses, & these courses come right in time for the SUP surf contest in Tofino

October 15-18, 2018, Video Feedback Courses:

What are these courses like:

-Arriving at the T’ashii Office for 8:30am on the day-of
-Suit up/head to the beach (Location is dependent on weather & swell conditions that day-We select the best beach for learning & improving)
-2 Hour SUP surf lesson on the water with direct feedback for first half of the session. Video recording during the second half of the session
-Afternoon Break (although, you could get a sneaky 2nd session in, on your own for practice)
-Evening meet-up with the crew from your morning session to review and discuss feedback

Jess & Glen, T’ashii Paddle School